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Egypt's investment growth indicators are currently on the upward slope of a hill. Forecasts show a significant willingness to increase spending and investment, especially in the Real Estate sector, in the very near future. More and more investors are becoming eager to deploy new projects, and take new endeavors as a result of a public feeling of assurance towards Egypt's future. With the approaching end of the transitional phase and the return of calm and stability to our beloved Egypt, it is expected to see the country's Real Estate market and many of the local and Arab investments in this area to recover. This coincides with aspirations of the current government to restore confidence to Arab investors, and to minimize difficulties as well as to create the right climate for a surge in this domain. As the growth of the Real Estate sector drives economic and social development and contribute to the rotation of the wheel of production in 70 supporting industries, creating a state of wide boom that serves many sectors, which is the main objective of the conference.

PROJECTS EGYPT is a venue where industry meets industrialists generating a spectrum of emerging opportunities and challenges. It is a b2b wholesale construction tradeshow that collaborate top notch brand name companies, giving the show a golden value, as it thoroughly handpicks the best names in the market which ensures creating the perfect atmosphere for you. What makes PROJECTS EGYPT a unique show, is that we give you the ambiance of a specialized exhibition, but also the diversity of a mega show exhibition. With 5 different sectors in the construction industry all gathered under one roof, while still marinating the identity of each sector in seclusion. We offer you the best of both worlds, benefiting from the dedicated participants to each sector, as well as wide-ranging participants with a common interest to generate more profit and exposure.

About the Organizer

Arabian German was established in 2004 as an exhibitions and conferences organizer. Against all odds, AGEX has succeeded in sustaining 8 solid rounds of yearly exhibitions throughout the past 10 years, making AGEX one of the most notable and promising names in the Middle East. Your trust in us is what strives us to perfection, while maintaining a level of the highest standards in our work.

The years of experience our company had along side with our publications that have been distributed worldwide, gave us extensive well fed knowledge and a huge database of the most prominent and potential players in the industry. And this gave us the privilege of shaping long lasting relationships with the top names in the market, which only assures that your investments at our company will be fully optimized to generate you maximum profits. Investing in our company will not only give you maximum media exposure, but it also secures your place as one of the elite names in the Egyptian market.


Project Egypt provides a unique platform to view the latest equipment and services from the construction industry, develop international relationships and generate new business opportunities.


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PROJECTS EGYPT sponsorship packages offer branding exposure throughout the Summit as well as in the year round marketing campaigns. Sponsoring PROJECTS EGYPT is a year round, cost-effective marketing solution culminating in face-to-face meetings with key players and companies looking to invest. With different packages to suit all marketing deliverables and budgets, we can build a bespoke package around your marketing plans.

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